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Pine Lake real estate

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Pine Lake Facts:
Surface Water Area:  660 acres
Maximum Depth:  34 ft.
Water Clarity:  Clear & Normal
Location: Barry County
Nearest City:  Plainwell and Delton
Longitude/Latitude: 42 29.80/85 31.50
Accessability: Public access on northwest shore of Second lake
Accomodations: Toilets
Approximate driving time to downtown Kalamazoo: 20 minutes

This quality all sports lake in located in southern Barry County, slightly north of the Kalamazoo County line. Its water quality, size and location make it a very popular recreational spot. Many bays and fingerlets provide extensive shoreline that is quite fully utilized for cottages and many year-round residences. Like most lakes of its size and quality, selling property owners are experiencing considerable demand, causing values and listing prices to increase substantially during the past few years.

For More Information on Pine Lake
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Pine Lake Restaurants:

Pine Lake Diner
11010 Doster Rd

Applesbees, Plainwell
Plainwell Ice Cream

There are many fast food restaurants as well as Meijers, Walmart, and Home Depot located in Otsego, just West of I-131 / Plainwell.

Pine Lake is located about 10 minutes NW of Richland and Gull Lake. Visit the specialty shops of the new Clock Tower Green Development.

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