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Wall Lake real estate

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Wall Lake Facts:
Surface Water Area:  530 acres
Maximum Depth:  35 ft.
Water Clarity:  Clear & Normal
Location: Barry County
Nearest City: Delton, Richland
Accessability: There is no public access site.
Approximate driving time to downtown Kalamazoo: 25 minutes

Wall Lake is an all sports lake covering nearly 530 acres and is at least 10 feet deep. Wall Lake is located in Barry County just north of Delton and SW of Hastings. Many homeowners appreciate the open waters on the weekends for boating, swimming, jet skiing, fishing and more.

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For More Information on Wall Lake
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Wall Lake Vacation Information


Grove Street Cafe
(269) 623-3777
370 N Grove St

Sajos Pizza
(269) 623-5270
115 Maple St

Tujax Pizza
(269) 623-6201
103 S Grove St

Peters Food & Spirits
(269) 623-2810
121 S Grove St

Bowens Drive in
(269) 623-8500
11176 S M 43 Hwy

Bowen’s Family Dining
(269) 623-8500
11176 S Wall Lake Rd

Cloverdale General Store
(269) 623-2994
7651 S M 43 Hwy

Prairieville Family Inn
(269) 623-6150
10484 S Norris Rd

Lyda Enterprises Incorporated
(269) 623-3373
6280 Oakwood Dr

Jan’s Place
(269) 623-3777
370 N Grove St.

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